Solar Time Tracker

Solar Time Tracker
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  • Single or dual axis tracking

  • Patented tracking system

  • Complete DIY pole kits

  • Solar panel packages available


Single and Dual Axis Pole Mounted Time-Based Tracking

Aurora Capital Energy is pleased to be a professionally qualified distributor of Solar Time Tracker single & dual axis tracking systems. This patented technology allows tracking of the sun though a time based PLC controller and actuator system. Superior to GPS or light sensor systems which are susceptible to changing weather conditions, your solar panels are always positioned for maximum energy harvest!

Check out the above video to see the Solar Time Tracker along with the Solar Bench functioning on site!

Maximize Your
Solar Energy Harvest

Single axis tracking systems can produce up to 35% more energy on average vs a fixed mount, and up to 40% more energy on average when using the dual axis trackers. So if you’re living off-the-grid, that means 40% more energy for battery charging when you need it the most. And for grid-tied applications – if you’re in an area where you can sell energy back to your power utility, that’s 40% more money in your pocket!

Built To

We also offer complete systems with pole kits & solar panels. Our pole mounts are built to last and have been installed all across North America in some of the harshest environments possible. Built right here in North America, we ship coast to coast direct to the DIY customer or through our authorized dealer network. So be sure to contact us today for more information!

Solar Time Tracker Advantages


Solar panels do not perform as well when the temperature increases, and roof mounted panels can get very hot due to poor ventilation. More heat = less power. The Solar Time Tracker allows for maximum air movement and cooler panels, meaning more energy and increased panel life.


The dual axis Solar Time Tracker generates up to 40% more electricity vs a fixed mount system by positioning your panels perfectly with the sun all day long, every single day, in every season, and every weather condition. With a full 180 degree east / west tracking option, and 45 degree vertical tilt range our systems boast maximum versatility.

Safe & Easy Snow Removal

Unlike roof mounted panels where you need to get out the ladder, shovel, and broom, the Solar Time Tracker dual axis system allows you to tilt the panels vertically from the comfort of your home before a snowstorm – so no snow accumulation! And if you do have snow accumulation? No problem, just tilt them and brush the snow away.

DIY Install

You don’t have to be an engineer or scientist to install the Solar Time Tracker dual axis system. They come with all components pre-cut & marked, and instructions are included. You will need some helping hands & equipment to dig your foundation for the concrete pad, and larger kits may need a forklift or loader to help place the larger pieces.

Patented Time-Based Tracking

The patented Solar Time Tracker is always positioning your panels for optimum performance regardless of the weather. Compare that to the cheap light sensors that malfunction in cloudy conditions, or expensive & complex GPS systems. This technology is simple, easy to use, and very user friendly.

Made In North America

The Solar Time Tracker is built to last: Our pole kits are made of steel, not weak aluminum, and manufactured 100% in North America. Even the actuators are made in the USA and use steel gears for maximum performance. Compare that to any Chinese manufactured system!

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